A Baker’s Confession…

Custom cakes are NOT cheap.

Nothing that is custom made is:

Custom clothes, custom cars, custom cakes ALL cost more.

You cannot expect to get a cake that takes hours and sometimes days or weeks to plan baked from scratch AND lovingly decorated for ‘supermarket’ prices.

So please understand why I can’t make your dream 3 tier wedding cake with all the trimmings that are all hand made for R120.00… borrowed from the calculator

Cake prices are determined on a cake by cake basis, and depend on the number of servings, choice of flavors and frostings, complexity and quantity of work involved.

Please bear in mind that even a small /simple cake takes a minimum of six hours from start to finish and is seldom completed in one day.

Most of the cakes seen on the internet are copyrighted, so if I do a copy of any cake, it WILL NOT be a carbon copy of that cake, there will be differences, and will include my interpretation of what it is you ask of me…